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Money Goals for Real People

Programming your destination into GPS ensures you’re on the best route. Financial goals work exactly the same way. Writing down realistic, achievable money goals provides a financial map to your future.  Here are three steps to help you achieve these goals: 1. Keep an eye on your credit. You don’t need to check it every […]

3 Steps to Handle Your Own Credit Repair

Is it possible to repair your credit by yourself? The answer is a resounding “yes!” Not only can you handle your own credit repair, but it’s also often better to do it yourself than to get professional help. For example, a professional might charge you $200 an item to get it off your credit report. […]

How to Recognize Bad Credit Loan Scams

If you have below-average credit, there could be people out to get you. Unscrupulous scammers know that people with bad credit often need loans and use the opportunity to extract both money and personal information through loan scams. How do these kinds of scams work and how can you avoid them? Let’s take a look. […]

Never Miss Another Payment

Keeping your credit score high and mighty may seem next to impossible, especially when one late payment can sink your score. Thankfully, these three tips can help you avoid missing another payment and keep your score climbing. AUTOPAY IS AMAZING. Autopay is your best friend when it comes to paying bills on time. Most banks, […]