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The importance of a home appraisal

We understand that the process of buying a home can be overwhelming. There are many factors to consider, including the mortgage application process, credit score requirements, and home appraisals. However, one critical aspect of the mortgage process that is often overlooked is the importance of home appraisals. A home appraisal is a professional assessment of […]

The benefits of refinancing your home

Here at Southpoint Financial Services, we often get asked about the benefits of refinancing a home. Refinancing can be an excellent way to save money on your monthly mortgage payments, access cash, or even shorten the length of your mortgage term. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of refinancing your home and […]

What is a Cash-Out Refinance?

You’ve probably heard the term “cash-out refinance” before. Maybe your neighbor used one to pay for their room addition or buy an RV for your new way of vacationing. Whatever the reason, you can leverage the equity you have built by owning your home, which can help pay for things like home renovation, education, pay off […]