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Should you purchase a home warranty?

As our customers move through the purchasing process and we get narrowed down to the nickel and dime costs, the question should you buy the home warranty always seems to come up. There are the down payment monies, a full year of homeowner’s insurance, this tax, that tax, and now a warranty? Seems like a […]

8 Keys to a Successful Family Budget

Creating a family budget is within everyone’s reach, but creating a successful budget requires some particular methods. Here are some tips to help you create a fantastically successful family budget.   Get Everyone on Board The more inclusive your budget is, the more likely it is to work well for your family. Include every family […]

Family Budget Basics

Have you been talking about a family budget, but aren’t sure where to start? Sometimes it’s good to start with the budget basics, which are income and expenses. Here are some tips to help you formulate a simple family budget.   Income The first place to start in the outline of your budget is with […]