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Good Debt? Is there such a thing?

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt In today’s economy, many Americans may be regretting taking on debt in the past or facing new debt to cover expenses during the pandemic. And yet millions of consumers continue to apply for mortgages for home purchases, one of the largest debts most people will ever assume. The reason for […]

Joint-family Home Loans

U.S. home prices have jumped 20 percent in the past year, making it increasingly harder for many Americans to buy a home on their own. To be able to break into the housing market, more and more buyers are going in together with siblings or parents on the cost of a property. And many people […]

Should you purchase a home warranty?

As our customers move through the purchasing process and we get narrowed down to the nickel and dime costs, the question should you buy the home warranty always seems to come up. There are the down payment monies, a full year of homeowner’s insurance, this tax, that tax, and now a warranty? Seems like a […]