Beverly Smith brings 40 years of mortgage banking experience to SouthPoint Financial Services, Inc. Before coming to SouthPoint, she worked as Senior Business Analyst, Systems Oversight Specialist, and Technology Compliance Specialist for ISGN, Inc. (2013 - 2016) and MAXEX (2016 - 2019). She worked for ALTA Financial Corporation from 2001 – 2007 and served as Vice President of Operations for the company before the market crashed.

Since that time, she remained in the mortgage banking industry, either on the lending side or on the technology side. She has worked for banks, mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, QC outsource companies, technology firms, and other financially related industries (i.e., financial analyst, writing policies and procedures manuals for startup mortgage brokers, etc.).

Beverly has a diverse background in the mortgage banking industry, in technology, and other industries which allows her the ability to perform in many positions within any company she commits her talents to. Her knowledge and background include quality control, compliance, fraud investigation, credit investigation, underwriting, technical writing, and operations. Beverly attended college at North Carolina A & T State University from 1976 through 1981; she majored in Architectural Engineering, minored in Computer Science; and in 1995 she attended Chattahoochee Tech with her focus of study being Computer Programing.