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How to Sell a Home Around the Holidays

How to Sell a Home Around the Holidays Pop quiz. What’s the worst time to sell a home? If you ask any families with lots of holiday events, errands, and gifts to buy, that answer’s simple: the holidays. And there’s a problem, too: not every buyer is looking to purchase a home during the holiday […]

Yearly Financial Health Check-Up

Your Yearly Financial Health Check-Up Just as you’d pay a visit to your doctor or take your care in for a tune-up, you need to make sure that your financial life is on the footing you deserve. But what exactly would a financial health check-up look like, and how can you tell if you’re on […]

The Latest Market Trends for Housing in Houston

Looking to make a move to Houston, or maybe just thinking about buying some property there? Houston is one of the biggest cities in the United States, the center of the most diverse metropolitan area in Texas, and an ever-growing economic powerhouse. People come to Houston for careers in aeronautics, healthcare, medical research, oil and […]