Should you attend your home inspection?
SouthPoint Financial Services, Inc.
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Published on September 28, 2022
Attend your home inspection?

Should you attend your home inspection?

You are finally under contract for your dream home and your real estate professional suggests it's time to schedule your home inspection. Even though you can't wait to move in and are already daydreaming about furniture placement and colors to paint the kitchen, STOP! Don't just have the agent schedule it and forget about it. You should think about showing up for the inspection and here’s why.

Reasons to attend the inspection in person.

  1. How well did you look at the home before you put in the offer? Did you check if the hot water heater had a drip pan under it? Did you look inside the electrical panel to see if the washer and dryer were on the correct sized amp? You're not expected to know these things. Leave it to the professional. If you attend the inspection in person, you can view the home through the eye of a professional. Listen and note any comments the inspector makes. It will help you familiarize yourself with your new home.


  1. You receive a copy of the final inspection result, but you don't understand what it's referencing. If you attend the home inspection in person, you can ask questions as the property is inspected. The inspector will take notes and explain what they see. Since this will become your property, it's a good idea to get to know every inch of what you are purchasing. And maybe measure for curtains while you're there.


  1. You receive a long list of findings on the inspection and start to panic. How much is this going to cost? Are you responsible? If you attend the home inspection in person, you can ask questions like:
  • Is this finding a major issue or a safety issue?
  • How much will that cost do you think?
  • Does this endanger the integrity of the home?

When you hear the information from a non-biased party, it's the professional's opinion and not just a part of the "sale".


Things that can happen if you do not attend the home inspection.

  1. The final inspection report becomes a back-and-forth negotiation between you and the seller. If you are not appropriately informed, you could be making costly decisions.


  1. You miss out on maybe the only opportunity to review the mechanicals and all aspects of the home before it becomes yours.


Shop for this service as you have for homeowners' insurance. Ask your agent for three references. Do not just use their favorite. If the inspector will not allow you to attend the inspection, it is this writer's opinion, you have called the wrong one.


Written by: Patricia Eubanks, Vice President SouthPoint Financial


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